Creating a Haven of Hope, Help & Healing For Christ
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St. Mark
Missionary Baptist

              1931  -  Present
•        On November 6, 1931, a small group of Christians holding a prayer meeting
decided to start a church.

•        With great vision and hope, this group called The Reverend J.S. Stokes as
their Pastor, purchased land on 11th Street North, and named their humble
gathering St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

•        In 1932, the Reverend James Atkinson was called as St. Mark’s second
Pastor. Under his direction, the first Sunday School was organized as well as the
church’s first choir.  The construction of the first sanctuary took place under his
leadership. This edifice was designed with a pool under the choir stand and
indoor rest rooms.

•        St. Mark’s third Pastor, The Reverend S.C. Caldwell was called in October
1939. Under his leadership, the first sanctuary was dedicated in 1939. He served
10 years.

•        With the calling of The Reverend W.J. Glover in November 1949, St. Mark
experienced tremendous growth.  In the following decades, a new edifice and
fellowship hall were constructed, a parsonage was added, a marquee was
installed as well as the laying of the Corner Stone.

•        During the illness and demise of The Rev. W.J. Glover, we were under the
divine leadership of The Reverend Isaac McNeal.  With the passing of The
Reverend W.J. Glover in 1988, St. Mark began its search for a new Pastor.

•         Installing its fifth leader, The Reverend David Thompson, Jr., on February
16, 1989. Under his leadership, our new edifice was constructed at 1301 37th
Street South and dedicated on March 24, 1991.

•     Our current leader, The Reverend Brian K. Brown, was installed as St. Mark’s
sixth Pastor on June 13, 1995. Under his leadership, we have been blessed with
the following events
• New church van purchased in November 1995
• A new marquee was installed in May 1996
• A double-wide shed was built in May 2001
• March 2005 - Ground Breaking for The Rev. W. J. Glover Education Wing,
housing the Rev. Isaac McNeal Library, and Administrative Offices.
• May 28, 2006 - Dedicatory Services for the new Education Wing, Library,
and Administrative Offices.