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ST. MARK'S MISSION STATEMENT:  ( Our overall Goal)

mission of the church asks: What are we supposed to be doing?

The answer is the Great Commission:
“To make disciples” or “to make fully devoted disciples” (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; Acts 1:8).    
This is the disciple-driven mission!  Therefore, the mission of this church is to turn un-churched people into fully
functioning disciples of Christ.

The strategic goals (to realize the mission):
#1  To lead people to Christ and active involvement in our church (to create interest in                             
becoming a disciple).

#2. To help people grow to spiritual maturity (to become a growing disciple).

#3  To equip and involve a person in ministry both inside and outside the body of
believers ( to become a serving disciple).

#4  To enlist disciples for leadership locally and in the world (to become  a disciple  maker).
St. Mark
Missionary Baptist