Creating a Haven of Hope, Help & Healing For Christ
1301 37th Street South  St. Petersburg, FL 33711  727.321.6631

The vision of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church is to become a bible-based refuge  providing hope,
help and healing  (wholeness) to the citizens of the Greater Tampa Bay area .  There are four key  action
words that outline our vision.  These words are:

It is a known fact that a person is more likely to
receive when he or she is comfortable.
Therefore, the best way to winning the lost is by first meeting his or her physical needs.  For us, this means
starting to go out where they are and discovering what their needs are. Upon discovering those needs, we
must begin to develop a working program that seeks to address those concerns.

Non-churched people are nine times more likely to come to an established church. Therefore, the best way
to impact our area with the transforming message of Christ is by taking the established church to them.  For
us this means starting a cluster home, where members open their homes to un-churched neighbors and
friends and teach small group bible studies.

If we are to become a church that provides the hope, help, and healing towards the citizens of the Greater
Tampa bay area, then this means the community at-large must be able to see themselves in our church.  
Therefore, we must  strive to have  greater cultural and ethnic balance  within our growing refuge.   This
balance will  be accomplished  when the membership goes out and crosses the cultural and ethnic lines
which divide us.
By the grace of God, the city of St. Petersburg and surrounding areas will be a changed area in  the next 15
to 20 years, due to the influence of the Spirit of God through the mode of His  taught and preached word.  It
is our vision that this message of hope, help, and healing be further expanded through the means of  mass
media, such as radio and television.

Placing a vision in print is somewhat like attempting to hold water in your hand.  It is nearly impossible!  A
vision is something that is caught rather than taught.  Vision has been described as a mental picture of the
future that finds its realization in the hands of one who owns the vision.  It is my desire that the St. Mark
vision becomes your vision; something you “ own” and take great pride in seeing fulfilled.  In essence, our
vision is not something that you can see, but something you must be.
St. Mark
Missionary Baptist